Advisory Committee

Members of the Advisory Committee are vital to both telling the story of why it is so important to “preserve the skills and tools of the past to serve the future,” and provide pertinent information to engaged and informed members of the transport and logistics sector about the tools and abilities to think about and act on the seminal question: If our current system is not resilient to the stresses of the climate crisis – how will shipping and logistics adapt?

The members will also advise the Executive Director in implementing the Center’s ambitious agenda and will provide expertise to determine what among the many actions should take priority.  The Advisers will provide guidance about potential partners, funding, including but not limited to introductions to potential donors and program personnel at charitable foundations as well as government officials in the climate and transportation sector. 


Gavin Allwright, Secretary International Windship Association

Erik Andrus, Vermont Rice and Vermont Sail Freight

Murray Fisher, Chairman, Billion Oyster Project

Shawn Berry, LIFT Economy

Jeffrey Potent, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs

Maria Reidelbach, Stick to Local

Eileen Banyra, Community Compost

Geoff Uttmark, Transtech Marine

Kevin D. Moore, Urban Environmental Group

Sam Merrett, Schooner Apollonia

Rik F. van Hemmen, Martin Ottaway

Jason Geib, Co-Founder Immuneschein

Chris Hewitt, Executive Director Hudson Valley Current

William Van Dorp, Tugster, a Water Blog

David Borton, Sustainable Energy Systems

Melissa Everett, Sustainable Hudson Valley