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Moving goods and people from place to place in a carbon constrained future will be dependent on sailing vessels, hybrid/fossil free electric ships, and people powered transport for first and last mile logistics.

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We’ve launched a fundraising round for the new Andrus Sustainable Logistics Fellowship that will benefit real, viable sustainable transport ventures in the greater Hudson Valley region. The Andrus Fellow (coordinator) will initiate, support, and develop, a sustainable logistics network that links manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers, key components of a water-based transport supply chain on the Hudson, the New York State canal system, New York Harbor, and coastal New York. This sustainable logistics network will reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions from the transportation of goods and people throughout the region. Donate by 3-1-2023 to help make this pivotal role possible! 

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 The Center for Post Carbon Logistics is a fiscally sponsored project of the Good Work Institute. All donations through 3.1.23 will be used to support the charitable purposes of this project’s Andrus Sustainability Fellowship. Donate once or create a recurring donation.

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