Wellbeing Farm, a “Slow Tech Living Laboratory” for the Hudson Valley Bioregion

Summary: Harvest the Past to Power the Future Wellbeing Farm will explore an array of innovative heritage and leading-edge technologies by which individuals, communities, and the Hudson Valley Bioregion can thrive in decades ahead – designing and realizing pragmatic, environmentally and economically sound tools for peacefully, equitably, and intelligently transitioning away from fossil fuels. Imagine […]

Building Lifeboats – Building Community

NAVIGATING UNCHARTED TERRITORY “‎Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” ― Voltaire The sinking of the Titanic is horribly memorable for many reasons, but one stands out above all: that so many lives were needlessly lost due to “if only” or “what if.” The “unsinkable” vessel lacked sufficient lifeboats to […]

Transition, Permaculture, and Slow Technology

Part one, the Origins of the Center for Post Carbon Logistics  Traditional knowledge is in danger and its disappearance would not only cause the loss of people’s capability to keep and pass on the artistic and natural heritage, but also of an extraordinary source of knowledge and cultural diversity from which the appropriate innovation solutions can be derived […]